St Kevins Way/Camaderry Short Walk

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Duration: about 1.5 hours
An unusual low level walk through lovely forest (away from the Glendalough crowds) and along a section of St Kevins Way.

Forest walk


  • Starting from the car park at the Upper Lake in Glendalough, head towards the lake and follow the wide path running westwards along the northern side of the lake.
  • A short distance along this path is the Education Centre. Just after this, take the smaller path on the right heading uphill. Follow this path through a lovely forest until you reach a junction. Take the small path downhill that is marked by a wooden post with a grey dot (this is one of the way-marked walks organised by the national park at Glendalough).
  • Follow this path until it reaches the river and joins St Kevins Way. Turn right onto St Kevins Way .
  • St Kevins Way eventually joins the road through Glendalough. Cross the road and walk through the monastic city to reach the marked path to the Upper Lake. Follow this path back to the car park.

Other Maps

Map below is slightly more detailed than google map. See also the “grey” walking trail marked on this map,

3 Responses to “St Kevins Way/Camaderry Short Walk”

  1. Ruthe Says:

    Hi there,

    Thanks for this blog and all the effort you put into keeping it up to date and full of helpful tips, maps etc. it’s great. keep up the good work!

    ‘Buen Camino’,


  2. Ian Says:

    Went on this walk today and was a bit disappointed with it. While it is a lovely walk, it was considerably shorter than i thought it would be. Myself and my girlfriend are hobby walkers and were ambling along at a moderate pace and we still got around the trail in about an hour.

    It’s handy if you live close by for a quick ramble around but not worth the 1.5 hour drive from home in Dublin.

    Great blog and keep up the great work!

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    […] […]

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