Powercourt Waterfall from Crone

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Duration: About 1.5 hours

A lower level walk to base of the spectacular Powerscourt Waterfall. The first part of the walk is through pleasant woods, before opening out into the Powerscourt Waterfall valley. The valley itself makes a good spot for a picnic (there is also a cafe), while clambering over the rocks at the base of the waterfall is always a favourite with children.


  • Starting from the car park at Crone, follow the forest trail at the head of the car park. There are several twists and turns in the path, but ignore side paths and follow the route clearly marked with Wicklow Way signs.
  • After a fairly long, level stretch, the path comes to a Y junction with a path to the left leading down hill. The path is a bit overgrown but easy to spot.

    y-junction, take path to left.

  • Follow path downhill to a gate. Take path around right-hand side of gate.

    gate, with path to right

  • Turn right just after the gate into trees and head downhill to reach an old forest road.

    forest road

  • Follow the forest road downhill. You’ll come to a point where the road is now blocked by gorse and bracken – there is a narrow path through this, but a better (i.e. drier, less prickly) option is just to step off the road 10-20m into the trees and follow parallel to the road.

    Route through trees bypassing gorse

  • Keep downhill and you’ll shortly come onto a metalled road. Head right and follow this road to the waterfall itself.
  • Return by the same route.

18 Responses to “Powercourt Waterfall from Crone”

  1. Sharon Says:

    Could you let me know – if you walk to the waterfall along this route does the same entrance fee apply as when you drive?

  2. Peter Murphy Says:

    No, it’s free!

  3. David Brady Says:

    Thanks for this beautiful walk!

    A few comments however – we brought our 4 year old and 9 year old; it was really too much for the 4 year old (the first part through the forest is quite steep) and we met other parents with kids/buggies having similar experiences. the further we got was the Y juncture which was still a fair walk for them.

    The 9 year old coped much better. But most importantly, the forest car park closes at 6pm, so the earlier you arrive the better. Also, the weather was beautiful on Saturday and the car park was full.

    Hope this helps. Wish there were more walks for families up on this site – get the impression there are lots of people viewing it.

  4. Amy Callan Says:

    Just wondering if dogs can be brought on this walk?


  5. Hazel Coulter Says:

    Hi Did this walk with my husband today. Found downhill path to the left but no gate. however after while there was a gate but no path apart from a slight one to left of gate. followed this for a while but ended in brambles – eventually got down to road by going through beechforest – steep climb down.
    So after seeing the waterfall we walked to entrance gate of waterfall and took road to left and followed it back to Car park. Had only printed out directions not map so when got back car park checked map and it appears the path should have been to left of gate?? If its there we didnt see it – maybe our fault but maybe author should check this route again & amend directions to make it clearer. Anyway despite our wee detour we enjoyed the walk.

  6. Hazel Coulter Says:

    Sorry that should be ‘slight path to RIGHT of gate’

  7. admin Says:

    Hi Hazel, haven’t done this walk in a while but walked it yesterday. You’re right the forest road has become blocked with gorse and bracken. Similarly to you, I found the easiest option was just to step into the trees and follow parallel to the road until past the gorse. I’ve updated the route notes and added some new photos. Thanks.

  8. Eamonn Delaney Says:

    Did this walk today thanks to this great site. The final downhill section to the metaled road is quite steep and requires good footwear. Would be difficult with small children.

    Car park (Crone) closes at 8pm at the moment and the cafe doesn’t take plastic.

  9. Kate Says:

    Can someone advise how to get to the car park in Crone is coming from M50, Dublin side?


  10. Iggy Says:

    Went there today and as Eamonn Delaney mentioned, Crone car park is open until 20:00. Also there are some highlighted signals advising no to leave any valuable object inside the car as this is an unattended car park.

    While I was having some brunch a Garda Patrol approached me to confirm I was the registered owner of the car. That made me feel more calm after reading the signals but Garda is only checking the area every now and then so… follow the advice.

    For TomTom users, I updated the maps a month ago and could not find PowerScourt Waterfall in POI’s list (using POI near city > Enniskerry) so, just pick the coordinates from Google Maps and use them as a destination point.


  11. Iggy Says:


    Just use Enniskerry as destination address and you will see the signals to PowerScourt WaterFall. Once there, you will access the entrance at your left (5,50 Eur Adults, 3,50 Eur kids the whole day).

    If you keep driving up the mountain, you will reach Crone Car Park after 2 more kilometres (also at your left). Drive slowly as the signal is a little bit hidden by bushes. the entrance is wide and “Wicklow way” signals for hikers is indicated also at the entrance


  12. Anonymous Says:

    if you’re worried about getting back before the car park closes drive on past the car park entrance 100 yards and there is space for 4-5 cars around another forest entrance on the right.

  13. Kevin Says:

    I did the walk on saturday with my 11 year old twin girls,
    the directions and map are spot on,and the kids had a great time playing navigator.I also brought our little dog.
    Thank you to the author it was a day that will live long in the memory.
    It’s not a walk for young kids or buggies and make sure you bring lots of water,
    and money for an icecream at the waterfall !

  14. Dermot Place Says:

    Hi There.
    I am doing this walk on Sunday with a group of people. If we are walking on the road straight into the waterfall do we have to pay or is free


  15. Mags Says:

    Did this walk yesterday. Thanks for great directions. Kids loved the off road adventure of it. Timings great too. Love this site it’s a great resource for amateur walkers like me. Well done!

  16. John Says:

    Many thanks for this site. Did this trek yesdaywith 2 nine year olds and The Glendalock trek last week, really great.

  17. Melanie Says:

    Did this walk today. I was a little worried from the description that it would be too wet or muddy but the conditions were perfect. The weather at moment is dry and mildfor December and forest kept us warm. The gorse and ferns had died back so it left the path almost clear except for some fallen trees.
    I found the directions good but
    we got a little lost twice. Firstly we followed the road straight from the car park as it looked more foresty instead of turning left. Just something to watch out for.
    Secondly after the narrow path through the gorse we began to descend the hill. We could see a tarmacadamed/paved Road below but not knowing what a metalled Road was we turned right onto an old forest Road which runs parallel to the tarmac Road. The map seemed to indicate this was correct and that we would meet up with the tarmac road eventually. We followed this road as it kept rising until we could see the falls but we were half way up them. We then scrambled down the steep hill, and squeezed under a fence.
    The road we followed had been lovely and scenic but probably added 30minutes and I wouldn’t recommend the scramble down the hill.
    A metalled road is a paved / tarmacadamed Road. I have learnt something new today.
    Lovely walk, I would recommend it too all.

  18. Mul Says:

    I’ve done this walk a few times, once down to the Waterfall and also using a bit of the Maulin trail to get to the top of the waterfall with views back down the valley. Instructions are great. Most of it is well trodden path, so no problems any time of the year.

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