Devils Glen

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Duration: about 1.5 hours
A very enjoyable walk through lovely woods to the Devils Glen waterfall, returning alongside the river through the glen.

Path through woods




  • Turn off the R763 into the entrance of the Devils Glen woods and drive for about a mile to the car park. At the entrance to the car park itself is a noticeboard with a map of the woods. Starting from this noticeboard, bear right and follow the clearly visible path into the woods.
  • After a short distance, on the right you’ll see some overgrown steps (see photos below) leading up to a rocky outcrop – a short detour is in order for the view.

    Steps to view point

    Plaque on steps
  • Returning to the main path, follow the path through the woods to eventually reach the Devils Glen waterfall. The path is clearly marked and easy to follow. Note rock arch (see below) about halfway along the path, and various pieces of artwork on the way.

    Rock arch 
  • Return initially along the same path, but on reaching a fork bear left to stay by the river and return to the car park via a different route from that coming out. A couple of the sculptures along this route are shown below.



17 Responses to “Devils Glen”

  1. Andrew Dolan. Says:

    After looking on the website I would be very intrested in any books bout the walks and would realy appreciate it if you could tell me were to purchase them.
    I find the directions and other infomation very detailed and can imagine they are easy to follow.
    Are your books the same ?
    I will realy appreciate it if you could reply to me via email.
    Thanks very much,

  2. admin Says:

    The best book I’ve found for hill walks is “Best Irish Walks” by Joss Lynan (there’s a link to this from the web site). The walks in this book are all pretty long (certainly longer than I generally walk) but its usually easy to see how to trim them down to be shorter. For the lower level walks such as Devils Glen, Powerscourt etc there is also “Easy Walks Near Dublin”, also by Joss Lynan. However, most of the best knowledge about these walks seem to handed about by word of mouth. I have 3 or 4 new lower level walks queued up to add to the website, but haven’t had time to post them online just yet.

  3. simamegituels Says:

    t’s such a great site. fabulous, acutely fascinating!!!


    Gry online

  4. John McAlinden Says:

    Walked both ways today with the family. It’s all quite easy to follow and well worth the effort. Just one thing, the lower (return) path seems longer and its important to follow the white markers up the hill towards the car park.

  5. Sharon Souter Says:

    Thank you for putting together such a wonderful site. We followed your directions for this walk today and thoroughly enjoyed it, This is the second time I’ve ued your site as on Monday we chose the walk through Crone Woods (although we carried on the main path and did not turn down to the road as you suggest so did not reach the waterfall.) I’ve included a link to your site on mine – I hope you don’t mind but I wanted to give you the credit for providing the original inspiration for this week’s posts.

  6. Ruth Says:

    Can you do this walk with a buggy please?

  7. Paul Says:

    Went there with family a few days ago. It was absolutely breathtaking. One word of warning though……..make sure that you wear boots as there are many areas that are very mucky due to the heavy rain

  8. Thomas Says:

    Graet web site. It would be appreciated though if you could warn potential visitors that a major part of the area, including access to the car park is being blocked by some film crew (until mid November 2012 apparently). The person who blocked the road to the car park was btw absolutely rude and threatened to call the Garda while I dared to wait 1 minute in my car until my friends arrived.

    Not good for the reputation of Ireland’s tourism.

  9. David Says:

    Agree with Thomas. They should be reminded that while they have permission, they do not own the area.

  10. Eamonn Delaney Says:

    Was up there today. Wouldn’t have been there only for this excellent website.
    Just one word of warning. Sign on the gate says “Gate Closed at 5 PM”. I left at 5 pm and there was still a half a dozen or more cars there so hopefully no one got locked in. Lovely walk.

  11. Kim McLeod Says:

    Thanks for this website! We are visiting from Vancouver, Canada, and were looking for some nice walks. We did the Devils Glen walk yesterday and thoroughly enjoyed it. It is suitable for all ages, and has some interesting sculptures and plaques along the way. It was a beautiful spot, and not too busy.

  12. Fiona Says:

    Lovely walk, nicely shaded and lots to see. Had a great day apart from walking back to our car to discover the passenger window smashed in and the door and mirror damaged. They didn’t get anything. We parked near the road at the entry of the park because the sign said the wood closed at 5pm (the barrier was still open at 6.40). There were two other cars parked there for the same reason – all of them damaged. The garda said it is really common in the wicklow area where there are small carparks with only few cars there.

  13. Scrambler Says:

    Did this walk yesterday (16/11/14). The waterfall was spectacular after all the rain recently – torrents of water, white foam and mist – magical. Great walk.

  14. Aine Says:

    Is this walk suitable for a buggy?

  15. Marc Evers Says:

    Nice walk, absolutely suitable for a buggy if it has the bigger wheels (inflatable type). The only spot you can’t reach is the waterfall itself, we just left the buggy at the bottom of the stairs (maybe 20m). I would recommend to go onto the cliff walk on the way back, otherwise the last part can be a bit of a struggle with the buggy.

  16. Anthony McG – Devil’s Glen, Wicklow Says:

    […] a wander down to Devil’s Glen in Wicklow yesterday with Steph. Lovely 5k ramble up to the waterfall on The Vartry River. Could really feel […]

  17. Billy Says:

    Why is Andrew Anege posting in Russian on this thread about medical care in St. Petersburg?

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