Maulin and Powerscourt Waterfall

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Duration: About 3 hours for full walk, or 1.5 hours for shorter option.

A longer (3 hours or so) walk taking in part of the Wicklow Way, the Powerscourt Waterfall and the summit of Maulin. With superb views over the Powerscourt Waterfall valley and higher level views over the Wicklow mountains from the top of Maulin, this is a great walk for a clear day. Two shorter variations on this walk are also possible:

  • After reaching the Powerscourt Waterfall, return back along the same path. This reduces the time to about 1.5 hours, and follows good, clear paths at all times.
  • Descend into the Powerscourt Waterfall valley – more details here.

View of Maulin from the
Sugar Loaf walk. Route of walk is marked in blue

Path above Powerscourt Waterfall valley

View of Sugar Loaf


  • Starting from the car park at Crone, follow the forest trail at the head of the car park. There are several twists and turns in the path, but ignore side paths and follow the route clearly marked with Wicklow Way signs.
  • After passing through the forest, the path suddenly emerges into the open high above the valley into which the Powerscourt Waterfall drains, with wonderful views. Follow the path along the side of the valley.
  • The path eventually becomes less clear for a while as it enters some pine woods. Follow a line through these woods to emerge in the open again to a clearly marked path with a view of Maulin to the right, and the Dargle river (which becomes the waterfall) to the left.
  • A pleasant detour is to follow the path downhill to the Dargle River for a picnic.
  • At this point there is an option to return back to Crone along the same path again, reducing the walk duration by about an hour. Otherwise, continue uphill to the summit of Maulin along the clearly visible path.
  • Follow the path back into the woods to pick up the forestry road. Be sure to head west rather than east to find the point where the path enters the woods.
  • Follow the forestry road back to Crone car park. There are several routes through the forest, but all lead back to the car park.

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  1. Maulin & Powerscourt Waterfall | What To Do Says:

    […] found this hike from the following great website¬† More details of the hike can be found here or […]

  2. Wonderful Wicklow Walks - The Circular Says:

    […] Accessible from the same road is a really nice walk of about 3 hours which takes in great views of Powerscourt Waterfall valley and fantastic views of the Wicklow mountains from the top of Maulin. […]

  3. Venu Says:

    Is it good path to get a buggy? I am planning to take 2 year old kid.

  4. creative wood waterfall – Business in the Shadows Says:

    […] Maulin and Powerscourt Waterfall – Dublin & Wicklow Walks […]

  5. Paul Says:

    This is a strenuous walk, essentially uphill, and very uphill for nearly all of the first 2 hours. In answer to the question above, it is absolutely not suitable for buggies. There are loose, sharp rocks in many places.

  6. Shelley Says:

    Are dogs allowed on the walk

  7. Benjamin Says:

    Did the walk yesterday, took exactly 3hours with some breaks and the climb of Maulin.
    there is a great map at the start of the walk or online:

  8. Arnaud Says:

    I’ve done the walk today, for the first time ever, great experience. nice one! Thanks to you and your blog, I had no problems to find out the right way to go! I just didn’t find the path to go down to the waterfall valley though. Took me 2 hours to walk that 9k. Scenic views, absolutely delighted! thank you very much. I would not recommend parents with young children to do it though, especially those who carry a buggy! very technical at some stages. Cheers :)

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