Bray Cliff Walk

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Duration: About 2 hours from Bray to Greystones, 20 mins return by train.

The walk around Bray Head is a real gem. As well as the uninterrupted views out to sea and of the cliff scenery, one of the most appealing aspects of the walk is how quickly the ambience changes from the bustle of Bray town to a quiet that feels a million miles away. The clear, level path is probably suitable for all ages, although care is needed with young children at some stretches where the path runs close to the cliffs.

Cliff path

View along coast

Cliff path


Although the directions here start from Bray. this route can be walked in either direction i.e. starting either from Bray or Greystones.

  • Start from the Bray Head Hotel, at the southern end of Bray promenade. Although blocked to cars, the road continues south, quickly rising and changing to a footpath.
  • Follow the footpath around the coast.
  • After walking around Bray Head, continue along the path as it skirts Greystones beach. If preferred, it is possible to descend onto the beach at a bridge where the path crosses a river draining into the sea.
  • On reaching Greystones harbour, continue into the town to the railway station. Take one of the frequent trains back to Bray, end enjoy the cliff views once again from the comfort of the train. The station in Bray is about a kilometre or so from the starting point at the Bray Hotel.

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View of Bray Head from Sugar Loaf Walk

25 Responses to “Bray Cliff Walk”

  1. gus Says:

    nice blog. Just thought I’d mention that the cliff walk is officially closed, because of a rock fall recently. It is possible, with a lot of effort and scrambling through brambles, to get around the falen rocks, but, there is another cliff walk, further up, that is well worth doing.

    The (lower) cliff walk you have outlined in your article is one of my favourite walks in wicklow, but, because of the rock fall I decided to take the (upper) cliff walk today and I forgot how amazing the views are from up there.

    Brief directions for the (upper) cliff walk would be to walk up to the cross on top of Bray head and follow the track behind the cross, until you come to the pointed rock mound (where walkers have placed a rock on what has become very large pile over the years). Leave the track, descend down (it’s a little steep at this point) to the very narrow dirt track that runs beside the rock mound and follow it until you come to a larger path that runs at right angles to the sea. Turn left and descend down the path towards the sea until you come to a gate…once over the gate, you’re on the (lower) cliff walk and you can follow the directions given above.

    It’s a tougher walk than the (lower) cliff walk, but, the views are incredible. Not suitable for children. The track isn’t walled off like the lower cliff walk and there are some unprtotected steep drops on the sea side of the upper cliff walk that wouldn’t suit children running about.

  2. Karen Says:

    The Cliff walk is now fully reopened.

  3. Tony Says:

    Someone told me that the Cliff walk was interrupted by the work on Greystones harbour. Is it open again?

  4. Gary Says:

    Cliff walk is fully open – just walked it today.

  5. len Says:

    Walked from Greystones to Bray last week its a lovely walk on a fine day. Finished off with a coffee upstairs above Cassonni’s chip shop looking out on the sea while I waited for the taxi I booked from for my return trip.

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    […] The Cliffwalk at Greystones trail head was a bit difficult to find; the marina is under construction so after parking and checking in with a local pub, we maneuvered along chain link fences until we found it.The first part is flat and wide, and then there’s a gradual incline as you go towards the headlands. […]

  7. Len Says:

    Really lovely walk on a sunny day I started at Greystones then at the cliff house went up on to the top walk for a fantastic view then continued on to the Bray cross on bray head then continued down the front of the head back down to the cliff walk. – Google map marking path to cliff house.

    I got a from Bray seafront back to Greystones cost €15

  8. shane Says:

    Hi, i walked along this route about halfway before realizing that we where past where we were heading(the cross on the hill) we found a path leading up the hill and followed it. We had to scale some rocks at the top and got back on a path towards bray handy enough. We are both in our twentys and not unfit( i smoke) it took us wbout 3 hours to do it and that was walking from the town centre and back to the car.
    I really enjoyed it and will definitely do it again.

  9. Brian Says:

    Hey, im just wondering if the walk up Bray head is safe enough at night and does anyone know some good area to shoot some night photography there.

  10. Chris Says:

    Hi. Hope to do lower cliff walk on Easter Monday. Can anyone confirm that this walk has reopened please. Thanks very much :-)

  11. Anonymous Says:

    Walked this yesterday. The path is fully open and the Greystones access is now tidied up and easier to find. If starting from Greystones, it begins next to the fish and chip/cafe place almost opposite the pub mentioned above (forget the name – Harbour bar im guessing…) The start of the path is more inland and it’s a good while before you are looking out at the sea from the actually cliff. Lovely walk with lots of variety so.

  12. Sheelah Says:

    I love this walk, and generally walk both ways, after a stop in Summerviles for refreshments.

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    […] are not too tired after all of that you can head to the south end of the prom and gain access to The Cliff Walk – one of wicklow’s highlights – a stunning coastal path 7km in length about 2 hours from Bray […]

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    […] to Greystones Cliff Walk Website: If you want to venture off on a coastal walk, the Bray to Greystones Cliff route is the answer. […]

  16. marrie Says:

    Was considering doing this walk with a 6 year old and a baby in a pram, could anyone advise if it would be suitable please?

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    […] Day 3 Bray Cliff Walk  […]

  18. El Says:

    Would be visiting Dublin soon and wonder if this path is open and okay to walk. Seven km is too much for me so I guess I can walk half and then turn back.

  19. Chris Says:

    I did this walk this morning starting in Greystones. It was a bright but cold morning. The visibility was excellent and the scenery was spectacular.
    I’m sixty-eight years of age and I had surgery last year. I completed the walk in about one hour and ten minutes, but I was glad to see Bray and the DART for a rest after the exertions. What a great feeling after it!!!!!

  20. Michelle Says:

    Hi all would the cliff walk be suitable for a wheelchair

  21. Diarmuid Says:

    Definitely not

  22. Conor Says:

    Did this walk recently and it was extremely wet. Wellington boots recommened

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  24. Charlotte Says:

    Just made this walk yesterday with one baby and two children of 2.5 and 4 years old. No difficulty for the children, safe all way long. Very busy during summer period.

  25. HR Says:

    Have done this a few times now – thousands of people chugging along the narrow paths chugging coffees and cigarettes/vaping – not an inch of space and nothing but noise and hoards of people barging past and waiting to get by at narrower sections. I’d really avoid like the plague at this stage – the views are lovely but you win’t barely gst to see them over peoples shoulders & the angst of others if you dare break step on the narrow paths for a moment. Apart from being busier than Grafton St on Christmas Eve most weekends its probably the most likely covid central stop for infection spread atm. Pick a werkday and very very early if you are going to bother or just aviod.

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