The Spinc

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Duration: About 3.5 hours.

Deservedly one of the most popular walks in Wicklow. This is a high level walk along the Spinc ridge overlooking Glendalough, with panoramic views over Glendalough and the surrounding hills, returning past the Glenealo River as it cascades via a series of waterfalls into the Upper Lough. There is a well marked path for the entire walk and, apart from the fairly strenuous climb up to the Spinc ridge at the start, the walk is reasonably level and easy going.

View of the Spinc from west end of Upper Lough


  • Starting from the car park at the Upper Lough in Glendalough, take the path southwards to the base of the Poullanass Waterfall. Cross the bridge and follow the path uphill that runs beside the waterfall.
  • At the top of the waterfall, a number of paths head off in different directions. Take the right-hand path, continuing uphill.
  • After the first bend, there is a stile on the right which is easy identified by the sign warning about the need for appropriate outdoor footwear etc. Cross the stile and head steeply uphill. This is by far the most strenuous part of the whole walk as the path quickly gains height. On reaching the top of the path, the reward is a spectacular view over Glendalough and the surrounding hills.
  • The Spinc is a ridge extending to the west parallel to the Upper Lough. Follow the clearly visible boardwalk path along this ridge. The path is level and the easy walk along the ridge allows time to enjoy the views.
  • At the west end of the Spinc, stay on the path as it descends in a zig-zag towards the Glenealo River.
  • The path now turns east and descends down beside a series of waterfalls to an old miners village at the west end of the lough. The views down the lough are exceptional on a clear day.
  • After the miners village, the path continues along the north side of the lough back to the car park.

Other Maps

The google map for Glendalough lacks detail just now, so the map below is currently a better bet.

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6 Responses to “The Spinc”

  1. Grainne O'Malley Says:

    For anyone that’s interested, Threshold, the national housing charity, are organising a walk along the Spinc on the evening of the 4th August. For more info, contact me on 01 635 3618 or e-mail: [email protected]

  2. Macker Says:

    This is an excellent walk. I did it a week ago on a crisp November morning and aside from a few slippery bits in the shade under the trees while climbing up to the ridge it was easy going.

    One small part of the description may need a little elaboration. The path up the side of Poullanas Waterfall joins with a wider forestry path. At this junction you need to bear left onto the forest path and then follow it around a hairpin bend to the right – if in doubt just keep going uphill.

    If you are tackling this in winter be prepared for the cold – much of the walk is in shade when the Sun is low in the sky, so expect low temperatures and ice pools. Good waterproof boots with good grips and windproof jackets are a must.

  3. lesley Says:

    i love this walk in any weather. snow or sun or rain its a different walk each time. views a great for pictures. i actually go the other way though than on this! don’t know why but i go through the miners village and up over the railway sleepers, then down the steps!! i feel im enjoying the view more but i suppose whatever way you go it will be an enjoyable walk

  4. Hayley Says:

    I did this on sat for a sponsored walk with 8 adults and 7 kids age 9 and up we went the other way too through the minors village and it was one tough walk legs are still sore two days later but what an achievement. U walk on sleepers most of the way and there’s about 600 steps to go down or up depending what way u start from I came down them but a lot of people think going up the steps is a better way

  5. How to truly discover a country (by hiking it) - Says:

    […] The spinc hike around the Glendalough lakes. […]

  6. Hiking Around The Glendalough Upper Lake - Joint Trails Says:

    […] When we arrived back at the car park, we bought a well-deserved ice cream and relaxed at the lake. You can spend your whole day (and evening) at this lake as you are allowed to BBQ here. Our time here was too short because we couldn’t go up and there is another path to goes back to the village of Glendalough. We will definitely come back here when the weather allows it! Check out a full route description here. […]

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